Bible Correspondence Course


Knowing Jesus

Jesus makes amazing promises to all who “know” Him. Come to know the Person who is the "Way, the Truth and the Life". 7 lessons in 48 pages

  • How can I enjoy this relationship fully?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • What do “Christ” and “Son of God” really mean?
  • Does Jesus reign now, and how does that affect my life?
  • How can I be sure of the resurrection?

Born of Water and Spirit

Jesus insists on a “new birth”! What does He mean? Scripture gives all the assurance you need. 8 lessons in 48 pages.

  • Can I really experience a fresh start – a truly new life?
  • Why is the cross so important?
  • How does the “Spirit work?
  • Why “water”?
  • Can I face my own death without fear?

Family of God

God has chosen a family of His own. Live the royal life now–and eternally!
Part One of an advanced study in Ephesians, with many Bible helps.
8 lessons in 88 pages.

  • Can I be sure He wants and chooses me?
  • What does the Bible mean by “church”?
  • How can I recognize Christ’s family today?
  • What about its unity?
  • What is in store for me as God’s “heir”?

Live a Life of Love

God gives each child a new life, full of joy, purpose and caring relationships. Part Two of an advanced study in Ephesians, with many Bible helps.
13 lessons in 88 pages.

  • What is this new life of love?
  • Where do I find power for changing?
  • Is the Holy Spirit real, and really at work in me?
  • What if I fail – is there a way forward?

This is Good News

Christ’s message is the Gospel, meaning“Good News.” How is it good for me? This course summarizes others. You may request to receive it early.
4 lessons in 48 pages.

  • Can I be sure of its truth?
  • What is so unique about Christ and His way?
  • What is the faith God accepts?
  • How does biblical baptism fit “grace”?
  • What commitment is expected of me?
  • Where is the help I need?

God Has Spoken

We can know God because He reveals Himself! He reveals His will and
purpose for life. Let God’s Word answer your most important questions.
8 lessons in 48 pages

  • How does God speak to us today?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Why do we suffer?
  • Does God really care for me


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