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Free Bible Correspondence Courses

APRIL 15 - 30, 2018 

       Comments from Bible Correspondence Students


28-5-19  CANADA If this is the last lesson, please, I would like to continue with another group of lessons.  I really enjoyed this course. 

21-5-19 ENGLAND  While taking these courses I am beginning to grow in my understanding of the Bible and my beliefs are strengthening as I am being taught more - given more proof and evidence that the Bible is truth

11-3-19 USA   I would like all of your lesson plans please. This is an amazing offer. Thank you! I will be looking forward to receiving the lessons soon.  

12-1-19  CANADA Saw ad in Coffee News and realized it's been many years since I've attended Bible Study. I have (and prefer) the King James Bible. I hope that your course is 'compatible'. Thank you and Bless you for doing this course.  9-1-19  

CANADA  Hey, I saw an advertisement for this course in the Coffee News and thought that doing a course to get a better knowledge of Jesus would be a good idea. I would like to request the teen lessons.

2-7-18 USA This lesson is really impressive it is not only about the Bible but it has a connection with science. I like it very much.

12-6-18 USA I like very much my present course because it is mixed with scientific information based on the Bible. Thanks a lot. 

  28-5-18  CANADA I am a Christian adult. I find it hard to understand the Bible. Please send me the easiest version to study.  

17-5-18 USA I enjoy these studies. They are a blessing to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do these studies. 

3-5-18 CANADA In 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer and I thought "there must be more to life than this".  I started studying the Bible and taking Bible courses.  Thanks so much. 

29-4-18 USA The topics in this series are wonderful to study.

29-4-18 USA These lessons widen my knowledge as well as my interest to search the Scriptures.

20-11-17 CANADA These last 2 lessons about God’s Promises have been AMAZING!!!! So excited to continue so when you can send me a couple more I will be here eagerly waiting!

25-10-17 MALAWI I have learnt a lot about historical and science topics in relation to Bible lessons . They are good lessons and educative . Thanks to all those taken their time to compile  these lessons . May God bless you all . Keep on teaching us and others.

26-9-17 I look forward to receiving the lessons. My husband is an evangelist Missionary. We both work together in the spreading of the Gospel to our own people in Akwa Ibom State of 

9-7-17 USA I really enjoy these little lessons.  So simple yet so effective. 

7-7-17 USA  I enjoy these lessons so much.  They are a blessing to me.

23-6-17 GHANA  I would like to use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you for allowing me to take part in this wonderful course. May the Good Lord bless you for all the work you are doing for humanity.

13-6-17 I am a school teacher who used to teach bible to the villagers.So I want to know more about the Word of God so as to be able to teach my fellow Christian thus to be able to rightly dividing the Word.

20-10-16 THE NETHERLANDS   I am in Israel  helping the poor and homeless.  I was baptized in the Jordan River, for the remission of my sins.

11-10-16 CANADA This is something I have always wanted to do.  Thank you. 

14-8-16 CANADA - I would like to get some more information about your courses.  I am returning to my faith after many years and would like some guidance.  I am interested in taking some courses online or by email.  Please let me know how I can sign up and what information you need.   

31-7-16 USA - I would appreciate these lessons.  I love doing lessons from home.  My husband has cancer and I don't get to go to church much.  These would help me so much.  Thank you. God bless.

27-7-16 KENYA - Thank you very much for sending this lesson which I have been waiting for. Your program is so helpful to me. May God bless you as you continue serving him.

15-7-16 CANADA - I do believe in God but, due to horrible past experiences with the church I was raised in, I do not attend anymore. I do wish to get closer to God with my daily life.

9-7-16 CANADA I saw your ad saying that you are giving free bible correspondence courses. I am interested to be part a part of it since I want to know and to learn more about the words of God. Can I join and be part of it and receive inspirational words from God?  Thank you so much.  Sincerely

28-6-16 CANADA - I look forward to seeing and reading these materials.  Thank you for your outreach.  Please tell me about the Church of Christ and its Statement of Beliefs and major doctrines.  Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


26-6-16 CANADA - When I was between 18-20 years old. I tried to study the Bible. Fell out; now I am in my 40s and i am trying to find my way back to God. Thank you for the opportunity.31-5-16 USA I am a grand parent and I have 5 grand kids.  I would like to know if you all have any free materials for different ages  for my grand kids who really don't know Jesus or anything about our God.  I want to help them.  Their dad does not want any thing to do with God and he doesn't want us to give them anything about Jesus but we are standing for our Lord.  Thank you

30-3-16 USA Please send me another series of lessons.  I want to continue to study God's Word. 


30-3-16 USA Thank you so much.  Continue to spread the Word that Jesus is Lord.   

29-3-16 CANADA I learned more than I ever knew about the Bible.  What beautiful lessons these are.  Thank you. 


29-3-16 CANADA - I finally got the answers I've been looking for so very long.  I thank the Lord every day.  What an eye opener.  I was so interested and full of joy to know all these things about our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am hungry for more.   


28-2-16 USA - Thank you for the notes.  I love getting them.  It was just the pick me up I needed that day.  I have a lot of health issues.  My faith keeps me going.  I would like to discuss the Bible personally with an instructor.


15-2-16 CANADA studying the Bible has led me closer to God

26-1-16 USA I have thoroughly enjoyed these lessons.  I would truly love to continue with the next series.


4-2-16 ETHIOPIA - Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so grateful to you.  You are helping me so highly to increase my knowledge in the Bible. Thank you again.  May God bless you.


25-11-15 CANADA - I can't wait to get this lesson!! Thank you so much! I've been waiting for a good bible study  







CANADA - I am interested in the next 8 lesson Bible series.  This course has been informative and enlightening.   Again thank you.

 CANADA - I have been enjoying and growing from these Bible lessons.  I really appreciate you sending them to me along with your kind words and inspiring Bible verses.  God bless you.

CANADA - Hello, I've been a Christian for about 5 years now. I live with my parents, who are not believers. I feel this Bible study will help me to eat spiritual food to grow in my faith. It does become a challenge sometimes, as my family tells me things that are contradictory to my beliefs and I don't get any encouragement for my faith from my family. My goal is to be more bold and to talk about God openly and freely. I also want to learn about his character more and to learn to trust him in every circumstance. I'm really glad that God guided me to your course

CANADA - I am very interested in this bible study, and am looking forward to growing closer to the Lord.


USA - Thank you for helping me with my walk with the Lord.  These lessons have been great

USA - have learned a lot by reading and doing these Bible lessons.  They were inspired by God’s Word.

CANADA - Hi, I would like to learn about the Bible 

USA - No computer and no church home yet! I need study the Bible please

CANADA - I have been enjoying the Bible lessons very much and they have helped me through this difficult time.  Thank you

USA - This course is excellent.  I’ve learned so much about the Family of God

USA – the more I study the more I learn about God and what I need to serve Him more boldly.

USA - I have learned how awesome God is and that I can't do anything without Him because He is everywhere

CANADA - I've learned a lot from this course and from Ron.  If you have more courses, I will be more than happy to study them.

USA - I would like to thank you for helping me learn more about Christ and Christianity.  Your course has helped me so much, thank you.  If you have more courses, please send them.  Thanks. 
CANADA – These are very nice Bible study materials.  I really enjoy reading them.  Thank you very much.  
USA – Thank you so much for my Bible lessons.  I have learned a lot and would like to learn more about my Lord and Savior.  Please enrol me in another series.  May God continue to bless this ministry.
INDIA – Thanks – These lessons are so helpful to me.  I am learning more about the truth of God and I want to continue.
INDIA – Thanks - first of all I thank God, who has given me this opportunity for learning about my living God, and Jesus Christ and also give thanks to you for the same.  Please pray for me and my family.  We will pray for you and your organization,

CANADA – I was a long-time backslider, who had been raised by Christian parents.   Summer of 2013 I felt a sudden strong desire to return to church AND to read through   the Bible for my first time! Now I'm eager to not only continue READING it, but also to   STUDY God's word. I look forward to starting your on-line/correspondence study course. Thank you for providing this.

INDIA -  I need to learn more about LORD JESUS.....I am really interested to study more   about the BIBLE....I think this course will satisfy all my thirst about the GOD and BIBLE.

CANADA – Thank you for all the verses you sent me.  I read them over and over.  I’m beginning to see the light.  What a wonderful way to get to know the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, all in one Person.   

CANADA – Thank you so much for offering this course.  I have been a Christian for 35 years and these first two lessons are helping me see things more clearly.  God bless this ministry.  

INDIA – We are praying for your ministry.  The lessons were very helpful in my preaching in the villages.  Please continue to send your valuable material.  I will look forward to hearing from you.

CANADA – I would like to learn more about the Bible and personally study with one of the instructors.  Thank you.

INDIA – I am very glad for your Bible correspondence course.  May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly. 

INDIA - Praise the lord,,,,,,,,,  I am very happy to study the Bible,  I
will send lesson 3 and 4, I will wait for next lessons, I will wait for God’s words,, thank you very much,,, praise the Lord,,,,,,, 

INDIA -  Thanks for this most valuable material.  I am understanding God’s word more clearly by reading the lessons.  Please send these lessons to my father who is interested in studying the Bible

CANADA - Now I know how to pray.  There is no wrong way to go about it. Now that I know more about our Lord Jesus, I can talk to Him like my earthly father.  I started my journey to know Christ about 3 years ago and I am now more committed after enrolling in these Bible Courses.  I have learned so much!

CANADA – I would like to start off with the Teen course please then gradually work my way up to the Adult. I have been raised as a Christian but I’ve never truly understood God. I think I’m at that age to finally understand why I have so much faith in God even though I barely know him. Thank you for these free courses. Im hoping to learn a great deal about him.

CANADA - By taking this course, I have a much better understanding of God.


CANADA - The lessons are helping me clear my mind from confusion and delusion.  Thanks

INDIA – Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I have received the first two Bible correspondence lessons as I had requested. Thank you very much.  I am a poor person but I have a desire to learn God’s inspired Word.  I have prayed for a few years.  The Lord has given me a chance to learn His Word.  I am so glad to read the lessons and answer the questions.  Please for me and my work as an evangelist.

CANADA -  What we have learnt from all the correspondence courses is very helpful.  They are simple to understand.  They also give us the answers to many questions that most new believers have e.g. How do we know that the Bible is not written by men?  How do we know Jesus is the real Messiah since God's people - the Jews, do not believe in Him etc.  Thank you very much for your help.

SOUTH AFRICA - The most important thing that I have learned is that our faith is real.  God is pure and holy and He cannot live with sin.

INDIA -   Thank you for your consent to guide me through Bible. Both my daughter and my son are in their late teens and me a loving mother to them. I need a thorough knowledge of BIBLE in its deep meanings that gets me to love JESUS and be near HIM.

CANADA - Really enjoyed the course.  I look forward to doing more courses in the future.  I would like a personal Bible study.

USA - Thank you for the lesson, learning about God.

KENYA - Happy New Year my teacher.  Kindly send me my 5th and 6th lesson.  I need to continue learning please.  Thank you again for offering yourself to help me study the Bible and prepare me for this great course.  May God bless you.  Your Bible student from Africa.  Looking forward to receiving the lessons.   

CANADA - I have just started on this spiritual walk with God.  At this point of time, I don't feel close to God but I think I am definitely making progress and understanding more each time I read.  I am getting closer to God.  Everything I've learned in this course is new to me.


CANADA - Thanks for sending the series by John Hurt. After reading Lessons 1 & 2, we now understand the bible even more. Can we also receive the Series by World Bible School right away? As we are eager to finish the course as soon as possible.  God bless you,


CANADA - Thank you for continuing to send learning material about His Holy Word as it has been my foundation for my intimate relationship with our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless. 


CANADA - The information in these lessons is amazing and really interesting so thank you.   Please send me more. 


USA - Thanks for the last months of sharing of sharing the Word with me.  It has been my joy.  I am a member of a church but due to health problems I have been unable to attend church and Bible study.  I missed it so much that I searched the Web for correspondence courses by mail and I found you.  I must say the void I felt has been filled so again I say “thank you”.  I am looking forward to where you will take me next. 









CANADA - Great that your guys are offering this for free to people who want to know more of God and His Word.

INDIA - I was busy today today doing this work. It is not only good way to use the Sunday, but a great job studying, revising and preparing the answers for these lessons. They have proved to be a blessing .

CANADA - I want to study the Bible as I believe that there are a lot more to be learned about the foundation of my Christian faith.  

CANADA - It will be 2 years in February that I wanted to know God and our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ intimately.  I didn’t even understand what Thy and Thou referred to in the Bible and I knew the only way to know my Heavenly Father and Jesus more intimately was by reading and understanding scripture.  Jesus intervened when I came across literature on how to access the Bible Correspondence Course.  It saved my life – reading scripture and gaining pertinent knowledge and its premise has resulted in the most profound experience of my life.  To love the Lord Jesus Christ and to realize how much He loves me brought me to a love I couldn’t even fathom.  “Thy will Lord Jesus Christ, not mine, be done always”.  I was baptized September 2, 2013.

RWANDA - Thank you very much for what you are doing for the LORD, I and both my Brother and my wife are interested in learning and learning all the programs you offer.  Thank you for all and I hope God will do more than what we don't even imagine.INDIA – I am pleased to have completed the 15 lessons of this Bible Correspondence Course.  It was informative, a guide to probe into the scriptures and easy to understand.INDIA - Lesson 1 - I now understand the basic things which I could not understand before. When I read part 1, I just came to know some thing better.  Lesson 2 - By reading this I came to know that whatever science has progressed, it was written in the Bible over 2000 years ago.  











CANADA - I am excited about starting this course.  I am looking forward to growing closer to God through understanding His Word. 

KENYA - Thank you very much.  I can now learn.  Please do you have a branch in Nairobi, Kenya?

INDIA - I want to grow more and more in Jesus.  I want to become a vessel in His mighty hand.  I wish to proclaim the word of God to the unknown with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

SOUTH AFRICA - I desperately want to study any Bible course whether it takes a month, a year or more than that. 

CANADA – I would love to study the Bible.  I am a new believer in Christ.  The Holy Spirit has taken hold of me and oh what a feeling :)

USA  -  I am very interested to study the word because I work on Sunday until 8:30 pm.  I would like to start as soon as possible.  Thank God for these courses to allow you to spread the Word.  Be blessed. 

INDIA - First of all I thank you for the Bible correspondence course.  I would like to join this course and know the Lord more and more.

KENYA - I want to thank you.  I have already received the lessons.  Please is it possible to join your church?  Of course, yes, I would like to have a personal Bible study.  These lessons are so nice.  I am enjoying learning the church history in these lessons.

CANADA – I am interested in taking your correspondence course to learn more about the Bible and to understand it better. I have read the Bible but I have some trouble interpreting what I am reading.  Thank you.

INDIA - I want to become a soldier for God so please provide me materials for Bible study.

USA - Thank you!  I yearn to learn all there is of the Bible!  I am a Christian, songwriter, performer and part of the great commission to win souls to Jesus.  Again, I thank you.



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