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Free Bible Correspondence Courses

APRIL 15 - 30, 2018 

Lesson 1 - Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Our Saviour

The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years. God inspired 40 men to write the entire Bible.  Jesus was with God in the beginning and He came to the earth as a man.  You will discover who Jesus (the only begotten Son of God) really is.

  • Where is God's Son now?
  • Did Jesus have earthly brothers and sisters? 
  • How did Jesus surprize the teachers at the Temple?
  • Why did God's Son come to live on this earth? 


Lesson 2 -  The Miracles of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Our Saviour

Jesus performed many wonderful miracles while here on earth.  You can read about some of these miracles in this lesson.  You will also learn about some scientific facts that are written in the Bible which were not discovered for hundreds and even thousands of years later.

  • Did God inspire men to write scientific facts in the Bible which no one could prove for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years?
  • What did Jesus say about the things which He did while here on the earth?

  • Were the miracles that Jesus performed a blessing to those who received them and what kind of a messages did they give to the people?


Lesson 3 -  The Beatitudes given by Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Jesus told the Beatitudes to the disciples so let's read what He had to say. You will also learn more scientific facts that are written in the Bible. 

  • You will find such incredible scientific facts in the Bible that may surprize you but it shouldn't since God inspired men to write the Bible.
  • Let's see if Jesus' Words will guide us in our walk with Him?
  • Jesus words reveal the values about which He cared.

Lesson 4 - What Jesus Says About Himself

Jesus told us many facts about Himself and His Father in Heaven. You will also learn more scientific facts in the Bible.  These were not proven to be true for hundreds and even thousands of years later.

  • Read about more incredible scientific facts in the Bible.
  • Jesus tells us so much about Himself while going about performing miracles, being a perfect example and teaching others.
  • Jesus answers many questions that you may have about Him 

Lesson 5 - God's Promises Part 1

God made thousands of promises to His followers but there are  also some promises given to those who are not Christians.   In this lesson we will  study about some of these promises.  We will also read about  the human body, which God created from the dust of the ground.  You will  find out some incredible facts about our bodies- what is it that keeps our body working for many years?  God didn't overlook any of the smallest details in His incredible creation.    

  • Read about some wonderful and amazing facts about the human body that God created.
  • What wonderful promises God has given in His Word.   Would you like to study some of these promises?


Lesson 6 - God's Promises Part II

In this lesson we continue our study about  God's promises.which were given to His followers.   We will also study some interesting facts about trees, the water cycle and colours. God didn't overlook anything when creating the universe and this earth upon which we live and that is why, after each day of creation in Genesis 1, the Bible states  "God saw that it was good".   

You will  discover some amazing facts about the world in which we live - the world that  God created.

Lesson 7 - God's Creation

In this lesson we will study about God creating the universe.  You will read a day by day account of His creation from the Genesis.  We will also study some helpful information, for our health, that God gives us in His Word.  This information, in many cases, was not known until many years later.  

You will also read about some of  the helpful health advise that God gives us in the Bible.  What a perfect creation God has made.  Scientists have now proven that the order of creation given in Genesis is correct.

Lesson 8 - God's Way is Always the Best Way

God’s Way is always the best way and we will study some of the advice that God gives us in His Word. We also discuss some warnings about dangerous practices in which we should not participate. Many of you may have read the Harry Potter books. Most people read these books for entertainment but God's Word gives us man warnings against such a lifestyle.

  • Read about some of the warnings that God gives us in the Bible



Lesson 9 -  Why Are We on the Earth?

In this lesson we will answer, from the Bible, three  important questions which were mentioned in a previous lesson:

·         Why are we on the earth?

·         What is God's plan of salvation?

·         What is God like?

We will also look at some facts about God’s creation which we call natural disasters but it has been discovered that they are necessary to sustain this planet.    


After reading the facts about "natural disasters", you can decide for yourself if they really are disasters or part of God's wonderful creation..



Lesson 10 - 14  Why Should We Believe the Bible? Parts 1-5

In these 5 lessons we will see why we should believe that the Bible is true and that it is God's Word. 

Part 1 - Jesus believed in the Old Testament.  Jesus is the Son of God and was with God in the beginning.  He knew these words were true and He trusted them.  The Old Testament was the only written portion of the Bible when Jesus was here on the earth.  He quoted from the Old Testament more than seventy times. 

Part 2 - All of the prophesies are true.   We will study many of the prophesies, in the Old Testament, about Jesus  and that they are all true.  The accuracy and detail is amazing.

Part 3 - The historical accuracy of the Bible. Although sceptics, for many years, thought that some people, places and events mentioned in the Bible were untrue; recent discoveries have proven all of them to have existed.  The Bible has become an important source for secular archaeology. 

Part 4 - The unity of the message of the Bible.  From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, the message of the Bible is united although written by more than 40 men over a period of approximately 1500 years.

Part 5 - The Bible has been very well preserved.  Some people ask if we can trust the Bible.  You will see in this study, that there is no doubt that God has preserved His Word, the Bible.

In each part of this lesson we will study about more of God's wonderful creation.  We will study the ant, wasps,  vultures, birds, blue whales, bees, coral, migration of birds and other animals, tides, river otters, cows and butterflies, .  As the Bible states in Genesis, after each day of creation, "God saw that it was good" - yes, all of God's creation is perfect.

Lesson 15 - God Has Preserved His Church Since the Day of Pentecost

God has preserved His Church, described in the New Testament, since the Day of Pentecost.  In this lesson you will read about Christians through the centuries, who were persecuted and often had to meet in catacombs (tombs in caves).   In spite of the many difficulties, Christians continued to follow the instructions of Jesus and His disciples.  

  • Often we read that this world is overpopulated but is it?  In this lesson, you will find out.

Free Bible Correspondence Courses